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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  March 25, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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but going out to the first and second i'm back with its like eight forty pm beijing time until her due to the app and don't see the cute couple hours. says. it's all a show in this week's episode. i made a service dog walks with a tomahawk. that's the shot lead but dr the friday prayers also shape the ball i think it was just awful discovery of last spring's
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budget evocative not to mention the lenses. that operation. the fog of the day arkansas was witnessing a surge in militant fire this month. see sidebar was stormed the call. many prominent lawyers were killed in the brazen assault the docs on friday prayers in which i had to shovel or social condition. he stalks the poppy song seems to be going nowhere. when americans are getting stronger by keeping such attacks died under the nose of some of our government is on the back foot the injured were rushed to hospital. austin got a boost and to uphold been a busy shopping area in the haunted by his son's death. jelena t's live and even suicide bomb attack like you to start any prospect of meaningful peace talks with tommy bond
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incisions. is tony thought it was good yet i don't see spot to resume peace talks with the government immediately distance themselves from the track as well as the second last the gauntlet which killed two soldiers and exposing the need to be sentenced on the bus followed by bursts of fire. he said at least thirty wounded. it was. you'd be made in heaven that unfortunately. reject evil. he said. the euro and yen with you. plus i didn't think anyone minded but he's got a truck packed with games and lost the election off type leave at nine am and png friend and the ones that are going to miss it. ok back to the lungs but daniel aquatic
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says animal products is that mostly it just means it's me and asked which part i will mainly affect jitters and complex to simply get even jones was among those due to judge. but our bond was cute and small. he had rejected a petition last year provided the motive case against christian countries most of it. will bush's order to stall the hotline was in the snow was in two thousand and seven. many radical islam it's going to judge its shadow. this bombing in which more than one hundred people cheered and any interesting scene is obstructing their fight for justice is likely to be there. it is the attack. two suicide bombers the so called outside the courtroom. medicating just started. he said. two of
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those targets were hit in the ensuing gunfight with police. he said. gunman five and random targets to hit it off to the indecent exposure c'mon goats and camels lunch not on goals and six gold street on as isaac go in the area for more visit us lisa guilty in the lead to the market resumed normal operations. called the office and shawn she remains that the site last week as a market area. as residents and police rushed to drop in blood stained clothes. dozens of distraught colleagues. i'm addicted to victims gathered outside the mall today with the dead bodies had been kept good luck to all the political fraternity because today the seventh on
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the list. mrs considered the safest listeners problem on the run up over distances and just soak up above on he was much harder and many of the ugliest of all the shots in the dead body off photo shoot this one off the see the little colored boxes each of you smart bird. many of the most goals whatever they could do was send in the emergency. attacks on britain is on bbc and abc fox on government. even as the bondage of beating this whole piece. almost to the attacks have continued last week's showing that the center of the bond issue is not entirely in control of its operations. i live on a fragmented group consisting of dozens of small events that it is said to be in the woods. one month ceasefire to try to revive peace talks and called on all
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groups lbs of it. hawkes trained on us. off to seize up attacks on the facts about being on the insurgents still it's a striking a teacher centered leadership don't stop the violence because many things religious groups operate independently from the center of the moms in another string of attacks in two thousand and two sons one in the shop and another the woods least nineteen people. suicide bomber set off in the front of the baby's cot side bun in the one that is the new city of each other. these nine bystanders including a woman and child. he said. he said roe patrol in a draw that bob is
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based in sabah with the loss it is adjacent to the troubled by the driver the sea wall during this time this lp but i did and said he was having lunch and shop when the last day the old picked up the road from their elbow their way to the connecticut sun editor for door to door that said that they got older. it was a bargain it down as the people are betting that the idea she's facing since the dotted of the attack was an omelette isn't it. that is deployed to provide security. joining the contest outside mosques when it came under attack the policeman who meets a innocent people get into it to me to stop this post was based on its biggest boss
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said. it is that the wounded the southwestern city of the top of bald kid in a stampede. this will be out this new media reported several leading stocks got off the dogs. it's a nice windows of nearby buildings the media. he said. most victims will bus passengers there was dance street riding with the gospel good according to the bomb disposal squad. more than five kilograms of explosives which he did was use dots. it was detonated with a tiny device. police investigators said they had gifted to do with twitter the ball was hit in the bus was strapped to a bicycle. i told c that was a congregation of at least it was a month assuming that the body. in the hockey stadium which located near
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the hospital to the sides twitter is going to get this done and at a sparsely populated and mineral rich division in the west of the country that makes up nearly all of our sons. maths stop targeting innocent but what is on the other. but i just thought has been a victim of state sponsored buddhism in general the discovery of mass graves have created an atmosphere of panic in the region. some of these off hundreds of missing but it is continuing to get a life of uncertainty. but it does have taken the kids to geneva and the demonic into non intervention is this picture books. when you which is represented in the united nations demanded by the village. the monday despite some focused on community of nations in the nation's some twisted
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root stock and sought intervention of the international community at a conference and at the headquarters of united nations human rights council when a trustee in geneva. he writes it is believed that he does. looks nice in this instance it's box was gathered in geneva to raise the issue of human rights violations in caucus bonds province of baluchistan. even the human rights peace and security. this blog gets a little just on and focus on post two thousand fourteen was headed to the palace of nations geneva on the sidelines. the one hundred and ten session the united nations human rights committee the under represented nations and peoples organization you when you're together with the united dollars agency one north south or the basin and the village stockpiles organize the event. this
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because i liked it the worsening human rights recent especially the usual missing cousins in the province. there's an ongoing with the operation images. it has intensified in iraq last few months in the last week and on. behind it. a young adult sees what kills and the novelty it alone. now we are requesting business community to hold on to precise focus of talks on its operations in the sun because of braces are happening across the messiah he gently to thousands of e maths disease is discovered in the district office the blog just on its deep pockets on. there's a serious case of a mass genocide taking place in bodies and human pandemic of congress who was raised last month
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that mass graves of fallen into it if was not called to check when hundred sixty seven. the history of dr disappeared but it's mutated decomposed bodies will find this as crimes against humanity and pakistan should be held accountable for these crimes is committing against the dutch nation. new disability will jz individuals with this palette although most remain unidentified. and the families of the disappeared still live in uncertainty about the fate of their beloved ones. jones gave special attention to live just on which is cutting costs in front of aniston and is caught in the box on it's not just and most souls rich province. blue cheese starts to get people face and forced disappearances summary executions economic exploitation. the two tries each. but it did so on
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denunciations and nuclear testing i have to address these gross human rights bodies. it's an important tool but country's security challenges. international experts academics but old representatives and banking systems came together to share the insights and expertise. concerning the uncertain future that what's done is done and the wider region. except it did but just on this ticket was not me. a one under sixty five the deploy them and then it cools pity on me that it does get any care unit and a simple idea but the mess up a given that just on mentally it's too muddy to put him in the hand was no one under sixty five. both will haunt them in they go of it the connectedness and two weeks in neat though
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demonstration was also organized into teams of the condos depicting the atrocities commited by pop songs secret agencies on it. sinning conflicts between separatist fighters and security forces and the song received scant attention even with an artist on the implications for the rest of august on and the region and all the rage but lost the onyx but it is those vote. just on also supplies much of the natural gas heating up it sounds like my textile industry in eastern punjab province and is home to a deepwater port the boats as well as on the stand tuesday rejected it he wore a blue state. this
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article in the recent falls in with old to start. lunch is punitive raids to torture wounds and drawn up opponents on boarding and dozed off bad loans. the conflict is subject to far less than awesome scrutiny. then the army's second half against the boks the needs of a bump on the front here with aniston. it's repeated reports by human rights groups often uses of the villages on the trees off with persons with a card out of box on salinity which is receivables eleven billion dollars from washington since two thousand won to finance its budget got a bunch of beans. according to data complied by don't stop on the wrist. so instead this money is devoted to the province. we just experienced readers the report by the looks nice in this since being called widgetbox. on the nineteen forty eight. so as a stubborn mind off the road. exhibiting
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all the pockets on the state great weather will stay till this coming up off to the break. water and they should or should the government was leading off the ticket office on the wall evidence. i got a long shot we got to cool off it. fan. the teen years we saw fish are willing or not shake the scene of government in the shoot of speeding up the ties that this poppy funny conference call for crimes they have drawn the ire of islam organizations like the demo but motivate them into natured also fond of the cheese society costume that comes up to the mall and had ordered the carnage of sheep the scene on foot taking on the fundamentalist forces in bombay beach
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the new basic on them instantly. cox said that it took us to continue the war criminals. not just on the tools you need is to be punished. what accused of genocide during the nineteen seventy one liberation struggle and released on the cylinder unit in nineteen seventy two. me sitting under the stall has to be nice to pop in to the trouble is the need for criminals. like talking to a poll to the city last monday with the punishment to focus on the will to its source to provide slight benefits to the bond of dc nationals it's the work that's the bottom of dish for getting fat. so what the dt really credit because one of the cheesy crap that question become quite the pakistani actress if the makers would
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not be punished. before punishing going to come. what can. this has got to the gender the two thousand seat with the internet so traumatized and sentenced to death since the early tomorrow. thousands took to streets and seventy two money in the execution of another to mark the day off to see it for the rights and civil charges. use this as close to the un war crimes to bomb the bass. having been convicted by the country's indigenous tribes to sit up and deposit it to investigate atrocities perpetrated during the nineteen seventy one war of independence from top spot he hinted at cecil rhodes and experts criticize the ict when the sun's regarding the fairness test runs. an international expert and an advisor to the job market as even appealed to the enticing
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community to stop injustice against him on. the ghost and would be like this that this court has been formed in bondage. and on the dish is a sovereign country. and in the tub. which is done by the sovereign countries sullivan who signed the challenge from outside from another country on foreign media. that is to look yourselves if you listen to the institution to cool and did it make an adult to child my mother should not have the right question. in the needle position. these messages on tv in the jacuzzi prime minister of music that i've been to persecute them the government denies charges. hitting out that tomorrow and be in the archives said the biggest challenge that lies before the present government. he says dalton
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movements by the islamist parties. it should be in the end of our alliances as saying that they would begin a new world. they need a challenge. for all movie is too who want to in that movement within the framework and also there's a demand from the city and stand alone although the production forces. benjamin is the man's stomach. the chapter xi these were as candidates who didn't respond to us so that you don't have to be carried the scintillating gotten a bunch of these insects with eileen tilting also noted the government's decision to strike a stunning blow to those accused of genocide two in the nineteen seventy one degrees seven and released under this agreement in nineteen seventy two. it
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is vital that the government's initiative to fight these wars is announced. you see in this fight. rta in the end of this was supposed to try its luck in the nose. they had promised but like all the other promises that his tummy after the water park on getting their sudden death they have not kept in your feet like they have not tried the one to walk him enough to have a few dodgy here is the almighty. from the government apologized to buy this photo of a teen years for crimes that they have done. taunting police the government to speed up the pieces off to walk through the notes. who would like the government to speed the process as the custodian is our active worldwide inside the ten teams nationally. we don't want them to get in the upper hand in the one to seek closure of these he s act of one crying
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he won his trial to proceed in a legal manner but i would like the process to speed. recently on these two sixteen oz along we ended up with more than two thirds of seats in a contest that was sung by international observers as well and good ride it as a farce by the opposition. nice nice spot. you wouldn't off the seats just to the altar was never in doubt. at the end of the stability of the all india in nineteen seventy four. that said it sees what is known quantities to keep the spine is not politically connected with spock is not simply the product by hundreds of miles inland. it won independence when he gets better. in december nineteen seventy one totaling nine month war games was focused on. in the fight in two months post independence and
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fought alongside the press box under the tree. the good accused of involvement in two cities. it's on it's starting to be getting its own chain but the most troubling off to the caps focus on sport to see often is that knows us that the region struggling against under the migration this song might be insisting that the avon lead on alms peace talks. but it does although the cd comes to the militant outfit into the bus stop. the psalmist minutiae is using the remote region as it is the resting its god does and recruiting new foot soldiers. it's also using it as a safe haven to
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escape the ci is drone attacks in the one that i wanted regions. live on which the folds the inquisition of shoddy are poised on the road in the country has spread fear among people. its windows. we oppose any kind of touching on entertainment events in the region which they consider not islamic. as a result movie theaters were closed on mondays it was back on tv no means of recreation groups. to get the sale but not bad but it was a big kid on the topic. the board. that was a good idea. it is yet get ye to get that way too hot to touch the committee of the that was also a good way
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to the state did not touch it but didn't get to see it when i was done. despite tuesday's state. joan went to sleep. the sun has been illegally occupied by a pox on all the six decades. sunny government reached an agreement with that i live on in two thousand i effectively ceding control of the swan valley to the insurgents ling strides of the insurgent who is backed by the pockets on the scene so this is the ais side the bishop has said the bolts executed residents and those spoons. mas said it
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was the author artist and forty gb changed by strengthening the region's cultural groups. a tilt to the topic. the idea of what i was out but it is all about but it was as yet. it didn't bode well. the two topics like it. but does not get the incident doesn't want to get to you. then it was in the pictures each stage of the harmless but due to a little bit but that's it. i didn't get close to despair insisted on across the league about to start. a ticket. but does not get the tops of
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loaves gonna die. our baby is out. so the majority wants the president was doing on a sea of demographic png getting too tight in its bid for the dispute to the tree i just didn't cut it she does not steal my face off with stones and punjab these to the shiite dominated region. it noted to maintain its tracks. with the somali region. this song is trying to deal with the sec didn't divide in the good side. i got to get up this additional music's off a shock win him back next week with one new is real is an analysis of the sub continent. meanwhile back in to us at the end of
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the missing us in i end up call. this is not about to sign off on top of the entire production team of his exaltation. don't get to watch the world you were ever get go. he asks for your own tablet access program schedules on demand video hello my name is over night each. detroit the us versions available to secure the marketplace today research makes the network in him. however for the win it's like you. holds up
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enough good things or since each. meet at the whitney of the story. read your book and when he exposes them. local student like me. the thoughts i will get a good player who didn't like it was totally shock and awe tactics too through him. it's no symptoms. he said. sharon essentials. job well done. it also tasted good. chu and
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dwindling with the eye. this edge been missing malaysia airplane is on hold due to bad weather. this after authorities announced monday that all lives on board had been dropped. the g eight group of developed nations shot to rush out over the crisis in ukraine. an upcoming summit in saatchi has now been moved to brussels without moscow involved. the russian foreign minister calls it detracted the new mass trial inai


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